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Gyorgy Gattyan – Adult Industry Kings

Gyorgy Gattyan chilling out in front of his Rolls Royce in Los Angeles, California

Gyorgy Gattyan’s Age: 47

Gyorgy Gattyan’s Net Worth: $728 Million

Although not a “pornographer” or involved in actual “pornography” by The Porn Agency‘s modern definition (video & photography of actual sexual acts), Hungarian Gyorgy Gattyan is one of the richest people in the adult entertainment industry. For our posts on shot-callers in the actual hardcore porn industry, click here.

Gyorgy Gattyan holding his puppy dog
Gyorgy Gattyan holding his puppy dog

“Gyuri”, as his friends & family call him, is the Founder & Owner of (the LiveJasmin adult webcam model site). He is very handsome & heavily involved in self-improvement through mentors & professional training. György Gattyán (the Hungarian spelling of his name) is described by others as honest, reliable & generous. Mr. Gattyan is a big-time philanthropist. His international Company Docler Holding holds offices in Los Angeles, Luxembourg & Budapest and employs over 1,000 people.

György Gattyán is also a producer of Hollywood Movies, including one starring A-list actor Jonathan Pryce (Game of Thrones, 007 – Tomorrow Never Dies and Glengarry Glen Ross). Gattyan is the producer of Hollywood feature films Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks (2014) & Dough (2015). Gattyan has also been a distributor of high-end fashion labels and he has produced cartoon TV shows for children.

Gyorgy Gattyan's Empire
Gyorgy Gattyan’s Empire

Mr. Gattyan has accumulated his wealth through many various streams of income, including:

  • Adult webcam modeling
  • Production of Hollywood movies
  • Children’s cartoons (production)
  • High-end fashion distribution (B2C)
  • Video camera technology development
  • Online payment solutions
  • Software development for the hospitality industry
  • Web hosting & domain registration
  • Venture capital investing

Drawing of Gyorgy Gattyan
Drawing of Gyorgy Gattyan

Mr. Gattyan has a very interesting millionaire philosophy of “I compete against myself, not others.” He often states that anyone is capable of achieving high levels of success, with enough “devotion, endurance & diligence.

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