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Joey Mills is an insanely-cute, braces-wearing, somewhat feminine-acting, gay twink porn star. Joey’s currently 19 years old, and he entered the porn industry at the ripe age of 18. Joey Mills is a versatile gay man that currently performs under an exclusive contract for production Company Helix Studios. He’s performed in roughly 25 – 30 porn scenes for Helix, including double-anal, so far.

Joey hails from St. Louis, Missouri. He’s 5’9″ and about 120 pounds.

Joey Mills won the Twink of the Year award at the 2018 GayVN awards, which was the first awards show of its kind in 7 years. Helix movies that feature Joey have been nominated for Best Group Sex Scene & Best Twink Scene, for the same awards show.

Joey has tried sex with a woman once in his life, but “never again,” he says. He came out publicly on Christmas Day when he was a sophomore in high school. Joey lost his virginity to a man that he met on Grindr and did bondage (he was tied up), during his very first time having sex. He’s turned on by chiseled jawlines.

Joey Mills’ favorite sexual position is being pounded against a wall, and his second favorite is doggy-style. He’s also stated that he likes missionary. Joey’s dream car is a Jeep. His goals with getting into porn are to buy a house and to be able to travel. Joey’s favorite hobbies are long-boarding, kayaking and hiking. He has a tattoo of his sister holding a balloon, and him holding onto her ankle. Joey Mills is a homebody; he would rather hang out and watch TV then go out to a club. His safe word is “pineapple”. Joey Mills’ favorite movie is Titanic. Like many Americans his age, Joey enjoys drinking & smoking weed.

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