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Get Rich in Adult Entertainment

How do you get rich in the adult entertainment industries

How do you get rich in the adult entertainment industries?

Great question; I love how you worded it! You didn’t simply ask “how do I get INTO the adult entertainment industries” or “how do you get into the adult entertainment INDUSTRY,” but rather “how do you GET RICH in the adult entertainment INDUSTRIES?

This tells me a few things:

  • What information you’re seeking to acquire
  • That you’re already aware that “getting rich” is a very real possibility, in general, and in this particular industry as well… you’re absolutely right; it is possible to get rich, and to get rich in adult!
  • What your primary motive is – some folks’…. well, a LOT of folks’ (especially, but not limited to guys) primary motivation for getting into the adult entertainment industry is to “get laid”. Although the urge to “get laid” is a natural human inclination, it’s not a likely one (as a primary motivation) to lead to extremely high levels of financial success in the industry. As Ed Cohen of Dane Productions once told me, “first, we’re in (the porn industry) for the money, and second, we’re in it for the pussy.”
  • And finally, by your question, I know that you know that there are multiple industries within the broader “adult industry”, hence your asking about “adult industries”, plural.

Let’s take a look at some people who have already done what you’re asking about.

When studying these examples, the first thing I noticed is that all three of these adult-industry heavy-hitters have multiple streams of income.

In his publication “The Millionaire Booklet: How to Get Super Rich“, multimillionaire success & sales trainer Grant Cardone dedicates an entire Chapter to this concept. “Poor people try to replace flows of money while rich people are trying to supplement (add) flows. Creating multiple flows of income is the holy grail of creating financial freedom and true wealth,” Mr. Cardone begins Chapter 9.

Another characteristic that these three adult industry multi-millionaires (Thylmann, Flynt & Gattyan) share is that many of their streams of income are ancillary and/or symbiotic, as Grant Cardone also teaches. In other words, one hand washes the other… their businesses are not totally separate from one another, operating in non-connected, non-related industries. (Rather, they are mostly connected.)

Larry Flynt licenses his & his Company’s name out to strip clubs. Now when American guys get horny at home, and they have several choices… go to a Hustler strip club, pickup a Hustler magazine, visit a Hustler website, etc. At the same time, the girls dancing at the strip club are young hustlers, trying to make that fast cash… that’s why they’re showing off their naked bodies for money, in the first place. Guess who the strippers are going to call when they decide to take the next step in the adult industry… to do a hardcore porn movie or two?

Gyorgy Gattyan‘s Company created the video streaming platform for, the LiveJasmin adult (nude) webcam model site. He then used the same platform to launch, a site for live-streamed fortune tellers, etc.

Fabian Thylmann‘s startup owns many of the production companies that produce porn movies, and also owns the tube sites on which they are streamed.

Even if they are not all ancillary or symbiotic streams of income, these adult industry giants are very big in diversifying their portfolios. Flynt invests in a marijuana Company, Thylmann in a photo-sharing app, and Gattyan in high fashion.

The lesson to be learned here is obvious… don’t try to get rich in just one specific job in the adult industry. Diversify!

My first job in the adult industry was selling DVD’s for Sandy Bunz. I respect & appreciate Mr. Bunz (and I wouldn’t state that if I didn’t), but he completely caught me off guard when I told him that we were going to be starting The Porn Agency (the year is now 2018, so this was well over 10 years ago). Do you know what his response was? He frickin’ fired me on the spot!

Although I was only working for him part time, a few days a week, Sandy told me that his personal philosophy is that “a man can only be good at, and focus on, one thing at a time.” And to him, that meant that I couldn’t work at a second job, in addition to my part-time job working for him. (I guess Mr. Bunz didn’t believe in multiple streams of income… at least not for his employees.) He was nice enough to get me a job working for another, larger production Company, at the same time as he was letting me go. My new boss didn’t have a problem with me running a talent management Company, so long as it didn’t conflict with my work. In fact, he was supportive of the idea and asked me to bring in my models for him to meet, as I acquired them.

With all due respect to both Sandy Bunz and the employer I had after him, neither of their companies exist today, yet The Porn Agency stands strong and is rapidly expanding. We’re involved not only in talent management but also in video production, webcam modeling & more. We also recently made the expansion into managing talent for gay porn, because why limit our income streams to just the straight side?

By the way, did you notice which stream of income is part of the adult industry, but isn’t on the resume / CV of any of these multi-millionaires mentioned above?


Although it is part of the adult industry, prostitution is unsafe for those involved and therefore illegal in most civilized societies (and rightfully so). That’s why we, at The Porn Agency, simply can’t wrap our heads around why most of the large talent agencies in the American porn industry are heavily involved in (prostitution), funneling all of their porn talent towards that garbage. Nor can we wrap our heads around why the rest of the industry tolerates it. Regardless, The Porn Agency and our models – AND these adult industry multimillionaires mentioned above – stay far away from that unsafe side of the adult industry.

When we sign up a new aspiring pornstar, here at The Porn Agency, we always want her to get rich, so we always encourage her to establish at least two ancillary/symbiotic income flows, right off the bat. None of them is EVER prostitution, by the way, not even nicely-packaged as so-called “escorting”. Often, these income flows are performing in pornographic films & solo internet modeling at home. One hand washes the other, here. The fans that pay to watch our models’ shows are the same customers that are paying for monthly memberships on the porn production companies’ websites. This gives our models power when meeting the producers, that they wouldn’t otherwise have. Also, once they start having their movies published, this boosts their popularity on the webcamming sites, allowing them to charge higher rates, get more traffic and make more money overall. Back-and-forth it goes.

One thing that I only found specifically-mentioned about Larry Flynt, but that I’m certain is the case with the other heavy-hitters mentioned above and that I know is certainly the case with myself, is that these guys bust their ass hustling to excel in their field. Larry Flynt claims to have worked 20-hours a day when he first started out. Success comes to those who hustle & bust their ass to get rich, and not to the lazy.

Something that Mr. Gattyan is very open about is that he attributes his success mostly to professional personality & success training that he has received and that he continues to receive regularly. Gattyan uses a training program of Russian origin called E.O.S. (Expert Operating System) to change his way of thinking and to become a better leader, and to get rich.

No doubt each of these successful adult industry bosses had plenty of mentorship, training, and help from people with more experience than themselves. I, myself, went to work for Sandy Bunz and the subsequent porn-industry employer for the primary purpose of learning about the porn industry before we opened up The Porn Agency.

If you are looking to get rich in the porn industry, in an on-camera capacity, The Porn Agency wants to help you. Let us be your mentor, advisor, counselor & personal manager as you launch your own journey of financial freedom & success in the greatest industry in the world… the adult entertainment industry. Are you ready to get rich in the adult entertainment industry? Apply online right now!


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